What does taking CBN feel like?

Will CBN Make me feel high? What taking CBN feels like

If you’re one of the thousands of adults who suffer from a lack of deep sleep, you’re probably curious about CBN and what it can do for you. However, CBN is a compound derived from the cannabis plant, making it easy to misunderstand it’s effects and benefits. The truth is, not every part of the cannabis (or hemp) plants has psychoactive “high” effects. (If every part of cannabis made us high, other cannabis derived products like hemp milk or hemp seeds would get us high too — And that certainly wouldn’t pass at your local natural grocery store!) 

Here we’ll dive a little deeper into why CBN does not produce any psychoactive effects. We’ll also give a general overview of what you may expect to feel when you take a dropper full of Right Wellness CBN Oil

CBN has only recently been made available for consumers, so we understand that those new to the compound may be curious about what the experience of taking CBN is like. But remember – each body is unique and responds differently to cannabinoids. Always start at small doses and assess how you respond to CBN and dose up from there. 

Will CBN make me feel high?

Will CBN make me feel high?

Aside from the general relief you may experience when taking CBN, it will not make you feel “high.” The psychoactive chemical in cannabis that causes the “high” associated with marijuana is THC, scientifically called “Tetrahydrocannabinol”. When THC enters the bloodstream, it floods receptors that in turn alter the normal flow of information among neurons and results in a high. When CBN enters the system, it binds to those receptors and triggers regulation and balance in the body. We took a deep dive into how CBN works with your body’s system on our blog post: The Science Behind How Your Endocannabinoid System Works.

CBN is one of the hundreds of active compounds in the cannabis plant. Think of it like a cousin to other compounds like THC, CBD, and CBG. While it may be in the same family, it does not act the same or even have the same exact effects. 

The Right Wellness CBN does not contain any THC and will not make you high. 

What does CBN feel like?

What does taking CBN feel like?

The experience of taking CBN is subjective, however feedback from our customers tells us that many people have similar sentiments. While there is no high associated with a dose of CBN, many do experience a state of relaxation and peace of mind. In slightly higher doses, CBN can help to transition you from wired and away to a state where your body is prepared to fall asleep. 

Those who do use CBN as a sleep aid often find themselves in a deep and restful sleep, with little to no waking up during the night. 

“Falling asleep has always been a struggle for me. Talked to a friend who recommended I try CBN. Wow this really works! I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night and felt refreshed in the morning. With CBN I do just that. If you struggle with sleep try this product. It works!”

-Rick P. 

Some even describe CBN not as how it feels, but how it DOESN’T feel. It can be the absence of back pain, or a sudden relief from persistent racing and anxious thoughts. Whatever your reason for taking CBN, Right Wellness wants to give you the opportunity to try our CBN Oil for yourself. 

Not sure if CBN will work for you? There’s no risk with Right CBN Tincture when you take advantage of our 30-day trial. See for yourself how CBN feels, and how it can provide you with the much needed relief you deserve!

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How do I use Right?

Because everyone is different, Right comes in a variety of strengths and dosages. Here are some recommendations for first-timers to help you feel the relief.

Start slow and low

Start small, increasing dosage to your comfort, and make sure to track your doses to ensure you have an idea of how you’ll react.

See how you feel

Take note of your mood, aches and pains, or sleep quality. Do you notice if anything has changed? Feeling more comforted? More relaxed?

Be consistent

It’s best to take Right at the same time every day in the beginning. Try taking note of your dose, time of day, how you feel before and after taking it.

CBN Tincture

Made with the highest quality CBN extracted and refined from US grown hemp. Right Tincture is a simple blend of high quality hemp CBN, organic MCT oil and Vitamin E oil and was designed to be orally ingested.


  • Organic MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil
  • CBN Hemp Extract
  • Vitamin E Oil

Dosage Instructions