CBN Lab Testing

Why CBN Product Testing is Important

Hemp products can be found virtually anywhere today. From CBD gummies at the checkouts of your local convenience store, even to hemp vending machines on street corners. With the widespread availability of hemp-derived products comes the risk of purchasing snake-oil hemp products that may not contain any cannabinoids at all. If you’ve decided to purchase a hemp product such as CBN, as with any purchase, doing your research is incredibly important. 

Who is responsible for testing hemp products?

Since the hemp industry in the U.S. is still relatively new, it is currently unregulated by the FDA and USDA. This leaves the responsibility of accountability up to each company in the market. Hemp products should be tested for purity and strength, and brands should be able to provide those lab results with full transparency and confidence in their product.

Who is responsible for testing hemp products?

Why cannabis companies should provide third-party lab testing results

Third-Party lab testing is a quality control process that allows for a company independent from a hemp brand to test product quality and safety. The CBN and hemp industries are currently unregulated, meaning that third-party testing is the only attribute that separates trustworthy companies from those selling non-accurate products. The brands who can’t provide accurate results showing what is in their products could simply get away selling anything in a tincture bottle, labeling it as a product rich in cannabinoids when in reality it is not. 

Brands consumers can trust will always be transparent with their customers about what is in their products. Right Wellness is a great example of this, as they provide lab results right on their website, and update them with each new batch. Some of the items you will find on a lab result card can be a bit confusing at first. Here’s an explanation of some of the items on a lab results test:

Right Wellness CBN Tincture Lab Results

THC Content – All products made from hemp have a possibility that they may contain trace amounts of THC. This is important to know as a consumer because certain occupations prohibit the use of THC. While it is rare that hemp product usage will result in a failed drug test, any consumer using hemp products must be aware of the possibility.

CBD content – CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid in the hemp plant, and trace amounts will also be left in some CBN products.

FloraWorks Limit of Quantitation lab results

Other cannabinoids content – Rare cannabinoids in trace amounts will also show up in the content of CBN oil. This is perfectly normal and does not affect the CBN oil experience.

And all the things you don’t want in your CBN or hemp products. Third-party labs test for pesticides, metals, and residual solvents that may be left behind during the harvest and manufacturing process. <LOQ means, “Limit of Quantitation.” And is the lowest level that can accurately quantitate for each sample. In other words, a <LOQ results mean the levels of pesticides, metals, and solvents were low enough or non-existent that they could not be detected on a test.

FloraWorks CBN Pesticide Analysis

Right Wellness Quality Control

Third-party testing was always an important part of the Right Wellness founding mission. All of Right Wellness CBN is manufactured in-house in Portland Oregon. Natural and organic hemp from certified organic Oregon farms is selected for extraction. We test our CBN in-house throughout the manufacturing process, on top of sending samples to a third-party lab for results.

We understand how important getting the healing benefits of hemp is to our customers, which is why starting with the basics and creating an incredibly quality product that is rich in pure cannabinol goodness is standard practice.

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How do I use Right?

Because everyone is different, Right comes in a variety of strengths and dosages. Here are some recommendations for first-timers to help you feel the relief.

Start slow and low

Start small, increasing dosage to your comfort, and make sure to track your doses to ensure you have an idea of how you’ll react.

See how you feel

Take note of your mood, aches and pains, or sleep quality. Do you notice if anything has changed? Feeling more comforted? More relaxed?

Be consistent

It’s best to take Right at the same time every day in the beginning. Try taking note of your dose, time of day, how you feel before and after taking it.

CBN Tincture

Made with the highest quality CBN extracted and refined from US grown hemp. Right Tincture is a simple blend of high quality hemp CBN, organic MCT oil and Vitamin E oil and was designed to be orally ingested.


  • Organic MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil
  • CBN Hemp Extract
  • Vitamin E Oil

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