What's the Difference Between CBN and Hemp Oil?

What is the difference between CBN and hemp oil?

Those new to hemp-derived products may be unfamiliar with the terminology. While CBN Oil is created by extracting from the hemp plant, it is not technically Hemp Oil. Hemp Oil is a product unique from CBN with different therapeutic properties.  The two products may come from the same plant but are extracted from different parts of the plant.

Understanding the difference between Hemp Seed Oil and CBN Oil can help you to better choose the product best suited for your needs. In this article, we’ll explore each product and discuss both why they are different, and how they can be used together for maximum health benefits. 

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil, or Hemp Seed Oil, is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is not derived from the flower or stem of the plant, meaning it does not contain any amount of THC. Much like the creation of sesame or sunflower oil, hemp seed oil is created by cold pressing the seeds from the plant. Cold pressed and unrefined Hemp Oil will often have a dark green color and a nutty taste. 

What is Hemp Oil?

Benefits of Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil is rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fats, which are both considered unsaturated “good fats” and essential amino acids, which is the material your body uses to make protein. In addition, Hemp Oil contains many necessary minerals that also contribute to overall health. A notable compound it contains is a significant amount of iron (20% of the recommended daily amount). This helps prevent anemia, or iron deficiency.

What is CBN Oil?

CBN, short for Cannabinol, is a minor cannabinoid produced at low levels in both cannabis and hemp plants. It is formed as the plant ages and breaks down THC, but it is considered non-psychoactive and does not have any “high” feel associated with it. Learn more about What CBN Feels like here.

Once the CBN isolate is extracted from the plant, it is blended with a carrier oil to make it into a CBN Oil. Oils are a popular method of supplementing cannabinoids because they are easy to dose, and absorb quickly into the bloodstream. Unlike Hemp Oil (or, hemp seed oil) CBN is extracted from the budding flower part of the cannabis or hemp plant. 

What is CBN Oil?

Benefits of CBN Oil

CBN is best known for its benefits for sleep, pain management, and anxiety. However, these are just a couple of the most popular remedies. The list of benefits only grows as more research is released about the cannabinoid. From a natural anti-inflammatory to a tool for mood regulation, CBN has a list of compelling potential therapeutic benefits. For more on its benefits, see our “What are the benefits of CBN?” blog post.

The Benefits of Using Hemp Oil and CBN together

It’s only natural that two products that come from the same plant would work in a harmonious way when used together. Earlier, we mentioned that CBN Oil is created by blending a CBN isolate with a carrier oil. Carrier oils are essential because they help with the quick and effective absorption of cannabinoids into the body. And as it turns out, hemp seed oil makes an excellent carrier oil. Because Hemp Oil is so rich in amino acids, those essential building blocks are great for brain health and ‘carrying’ CBN to the body. One recent study even found that hemp seed oil helps to protect the brain against inflammation. Other great carriers include MCT (coconut oil) and Vitamin E oil, which Right Wellness uses in their CBN oil tincture

Which Is Right For You?

It can be easy to confuse Hemp Oil with CBN Oil, which can mislead customers who are searching for specific benefits from one or the other. Remember that Hemp Oil does not contain any cannabinoids within their content. 

CBN Oil vs Hemp Oil: Which Is Right For You?

If you’re looking for general health support: A Hemp seed oil may be great to add to your routine. Think of it more like a daily support supplement – you may not see drastic results right away, but routine use helps to support a happy and healthy lifestyle. You can easily add to meals, recipes, or even to alleviate dry skin.

If you are looking for therapeutic benefits: CBN Oil is an excellent choice. The benefits of CBN are highly desired: sleep, anxiety management, pain relief, and many of the effects have an “instant” relief. Additionally,  It is incredibly potent because of the way it naturally works with the receptors in your body. Check out Right Wellness CBN for a convenient and quality CBN product. 

No matter which product you are using for its desired benefits, it’s clear that the hemp plant is pretty amazing. All parts of the plant can be used for a range of products, so don’t be afraid to try a new hemp product like CBN. The important thing is staying educated about what you’re putting in your body and being sure you are buying from a trustworthy source. 

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How do I use Right?

Because everyone is different, Right comes in a variety of strengths and dosages. Here are some recommendations for first-timers to help you feel the relief.

Start slow and low

Start small, increasing dosage to your comfort, and make sure to track your doses to ensure you have an idea of how you’ll react.

See how you feel

Take note of your mood, aches and pains, or sleep quality. Do you notice if anything has changed? Feeling more comforted? More relaxed?

Be consistent

It’s best to take Right at the same time every day in the beginning. Try taking note of your dose, time of day, how you feel before and after taking it.

CBN Tincture

Made with the highest quality CBN extracted and refined from US grown hemp. Right Tincture is a simple blend of high quality hemp CBN, organic MCT oil and Vitamin E oil and was designed to be orally ingested.


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