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When you are sleeping wrong, it throws everything out of balance.  Right the wrongs with a few drop of The Right Relief ™ and it’s off to bed you go.

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Sleeping well is endlessly rewarding. Improved sleep enhances mood, cognition, and productivity. 


Made with right ingredients that are 100% natural. Say goodnight  to the foggy morning, the OTC drugs and pharmaceuticals.

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Choose from three options.

Whether you experienced or entirely new to hemp-based wellness, our products are designed for you using only the highest quality ingredients to get you feeling your best.

  • 300 MG
  • 600 MG
  • 900 MG


Never tried CBN before? The Right 300 is our lightest dosage formula, perfect for someone who is just starting to learn about what dose works best for them.

best seller

Right 600 is our most popular tincture and is loaded up with
600mg of CBN in a 1oz bottle (Twice as much CBN than the Right  300).

best value

The most bang for your buck! The Right 900 tincture is our most concentrated product with 900mg of CBN in a 1oz bottle.