Reduce stress during the pandemic

Reduce Stress and Find Focus During the “New Normal”

A pandemic can be an incredibly stressful time and, in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many parents find themselves riddled with fear and anxiety. This fear and anxiety is not only about the new disease and what could happen but also how to continue to parent while undergoing such an overwhelming mix of emotions. Parenting has always been tough but between homeschooling, working from home, and battling financial uncertainty, our current times have made parenting an even more challenging prospect. Still, a parent’s job is never done and we all need to find ways to cope and find focus during this new normal.

Today, we will be detailing the unique stresses that parents are facing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, we’ll also be helping you find focus during this new normal by highlighting ways that you and your family can de-stress and care for yourselves under the pressure we are all facing. It is our hope that these tips and tricks can help you and your family find peace in such uncertain times. Even in the worst of times, it is crucial that we are able to care for ourselves and our families to find light despite the seemingly endless darkness. Let’s get started!

The Unique Stresses Parents are Facing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In our current times, many parents find themselves facing a new, and often very stressful, family situation. Apart from working from home and having to run the household, it is likely that you are also working to keep your kids on track with their virtual schooling. During all of this, you’re also working to endure the restrictions set in place by social-distancing and are even struggling with the fact that you are now cut off from the support of loved ones and friends. Further, day after day, you find yourself occupying the same space with your family and this can cause us to feel as though the strain brought on by the pandemic is completely unrelenting. Left to their own devices, all of these circumstances can be enough to lead to serious burnout, overwhelming any parent completely. 

For anyone who is a parent during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very easy to feel as though you have to wear a series of hats and, further, you may feel as though you are incapable of completing your responsibilities at your best. That being said, it is important that you remind yourself that you are currently in a unique situation that none of us have ever experienced before. If you aren’t currently functioning at your best, you need to forgive yourself for this. What is important at this time is to find healthy ways of coping so that we can perform at our best for not only our families but ourselves.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to go easy on yourself and by following the tips outlined in this article, you can successfully keep your stress levels in check and make every day a bit easier- not only for your family but for yourself. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that you can successfully manage the stress of your family (and yourself) during the pandemic.

How to Manage Helping Your Kids With School

Unfortunately, the current pandemic has meant that many parents have suddenly had to take on homeschooling for the first time and many feel completely unprepared to do so. In addition to all of your usual responsibilities, you may be finding it especially difficult to keep your children on track with their school work. Further, you are likely experiencing some stress when it comes to helping your children with their assignments, especially if you have children in different grades.

It should also be noted that this is also a stressful time for kids. Their usual daily routines have suddenly changed and many of them are confused and even scared. For this reason, it is normal for children to act out in ways that are outside of their typical behavior. This may only add to your stress as a parent. For this reason, it is important that you are practicing healthy behaviors at home, not only for yourself but for your children. Let’s look at a few ways you can ease the stress on you and your family in regards to your children’s schooling.

Team Up With Other Parents

One of the best ways to ease stress in regards to schooling during the current pandemic is by teaming up with other parents. Reach out in a way that is safe (via phone, social media, or email) and share tips with each other for keeping your kids focused and engaged in their schoolwork. You may even want to organize a virtual study group as this as an added bonus of providing means of social interaction for your child, something important in times that can feel so isolating. Further, working with other parents may help you feel less isolated as well.

Reach Out to Your Child’s Teacher For Support

Although your child can’t currently be in the classroom, your child’s teacher is still there as a means of support. That being said, it is important that you remember that teachers are currently getting through our current times through trial and error. If your child’s school is currently closed, it may be helpful to reach out to your child’s teacher to determine what is and isn’t working in regards to home tutoring. Your child’s teacher should have a pretty good understanding of their academic strengths and weaknesses. This should make them a great source of information in regards to a more individualized learning plan for your child as they work at home. They’re there if you need help with your child at home! This will ease you and your child’s stress in regards to schoolwork.

Create a Learning Routine

In light of the current pandemic, normal daily routines are now more important than ever. This is due to the fact that routines create a sense of normalcy in a time that seems so irregular. For this reason, creating a general outline that you and your child can follow in regards to work and school can help you stay on task. You should also be sure to leave plenty of time for relaxing in this routine. If possible, try to designate a workspace for each family member.

How to Care For Yourself as a Parent During COVID-19

Even the most calm and collected parent can be feeling overwhelmed right now. We find ourselves in a time of uncertainty and many parents have lost their jobs. This means that along with the loss of normal social interaction outside of the home, worry about a disease, and a deviation from life as we know it, many parents are also dealing with financial hardships.

These factors are enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. For this reason, it is important that you, as a parent, have ways that you can care for yourself. While we discussed the importance of caring for your child in the previous section of this article in regards to their schooling, it is just as important that you care for yourself in these stressful times. Let’s look at a few ways that you can destress and care for yourself in 2020.

Identify Your Stress Triggers

The first step to reducing stress in your day to day life is to recognize the things that cause you stress in the first place. Start by considering which events particularly press your buttons so that you can efficiently make a plan as to what to do when that happens. Pay attention to the things happening inside your body whether that be noticing an elevated heartbeat, rapid breathing, or muscle tension. By recognizing these typical signs of stress, you can identify the things that bring you the most stress and work efficiently to recognize these situations and reduce anxiety. 

Practice Positive Self-Talk

We all deserve to feel good about ourselves and, although it can be difficult, one of the best ways to reduce stress as a parent is through practicing positive self-talk. It can be particularly easy to be down on yourself when you feel like you’re not living up to your potential. Rather than berating yourself at these times, give yourself a pep talk! Tell yourself that you are a parent who is doing the absolute best that they can.

During the current pandemic, it’s important to remind ourselves that everyone is experiencing an elevated level of stress in their lives. At the end of the day, it’s okay to feel like you’re not performing at your best but you should remind yourself that you’re trying your hardest. This is a great way to reduce stress.

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Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness has been shown to significantly reduce stress. Mindfulness is defined as a state of nonjudgmental focus on the present moment. By practicing mindfulness and making a conscious effort to live in the present moment as much as possible, you can better control your stress responses. There are also a number of health benefits of mindfulness including strengthening your immune system and lowering your blood pressure. Try out a mindfulness technique in your regular schedule such as yoga or meditation to start de-stressing today!

Make Time For Yourself

Right now, much of the personal time that we experienced as parents on a day to day basis (such as time alone at home or at the store, commutes, and social time with friends) is no longer an option. For this reason, you may be feeling as though you have very little time for yourself. Without these times to call our own, we must be intentional about creating a space for ourselves to recharge. This could be something as simple as taking a hot bath or designating a time to just sit and read by yourself. Be sure to find time every day where you can just be alone with yourself. It’s important for your mental health as a parent!

Set Boundaries

With so much worry and anxiety running rampant right now, it’s easy to get caught up in the fears and concerns of others without even realizing it, especially as a parent. If you’re looking to reduce the stress you’re feeling on a day to day basis, start by setting healthy boundaries. If you have a family member who is in the habit of always jumping to the worst-case scenario, practice a healthy amount of emotional distancing. Let them know that you sympathize but you need to take a break from worrying news. You can always reconnect when you’re feeling a bit calmer. It’s important, just as it is to take time for yourself, to set boundaries and not allow too much negativity to get you down when you’re trying to put your best foot forward.

Add CBN to Your Daily Routine

Finally, another way to reduce stress in your life as a parent during COVID-19 may include adding CBN to your daily routine. CBN, also known as cannabinol, is a powerful hemp-derived cannabinoid that works naturally with your body to manage pain, stress, and anxiety. It is also known for inducing sleep and relaxation by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Here at Right Wellness Co. ®, we offer CBN products that have been proven to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and promote healthier living! As a parent, adding CBN to your daily routine is likely to make you feel more at ease and prepared to take on the day. Check out our shop to find the right CBN product for you and start managing stress in your life!

Parenting Stress Doesn’t Have to Rule Your Life in the Current Pandemic

Now that you know some of the healthiest ways to reduce stress surrounding your family and yourself, it’s time to implement these steps into your daily life and start living better! At Right Wellness Co. ®, we believe that the first step to relieving the stress brought on by the current pandemic is recognizing that these are uncertain times that has made everyone’s life more stressful. You are not alone in feeling anxious.

Although you may be feeling stress, your life doesn’t have to be ruled by this stress in the current pandemic. Use the tips and tricks that we have outlined in this article to reduce stress at home and find focus during this new normal. Things may not look like the normal that we are used to but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy our day to day lives. Take the necessary steps to reduce stress in your life today! You’re a parent who deserves it.

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